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About Us

Bench-Strength For Growing Businesses

Reginald M. Sapp & Co. (RMS) is the vision of serial entrepreneur Reginald M. Sapp. RMS was conceived from the idea that the most important asset an entrepreneur has is experience - hence lies the opportunity for us to help the budding business person. In today's age of connectivity, the world is deluged with information some of which is useful, but much is irrelevant, and even potentially detrimental. Through trial and error, RMS has gained significant experience across many industries, enabling us the ability to lessen the learning curve of our clients. We are a diverse group of business professionals with a vast amount of experience across a gamut of industries.   Our know-how provides the support to empower entrepreneurs for business success!

Complex Challenges, Simplified

All too often business owners engage professionals, looking for guidance on an issue, only to find themselves even more confused. RMS believes the simplicity is the mark of mastery. Experts are able to break down complex challenges into simple solutions. At RMS, we deliver information and consultation with the layperson in mind.  We provide honest consultation in a manner that you will understand.

Reginald M. Sapp
Founder/Managing Partner

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