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The Team

We Bring Strength In Numbers


Each member of the RMS team shares a commitment to "getting it done". In addition to the core team, RMS enjoys a strong network of alliances that brings the full breadth of skills, knowledge and experience to our clients.

Reginald M. Sapp

Serial Entrepreneur with experience in a myriad of industries.  


John Mcclaugherty

John is an very experienced and skilled lawyer that has been both a counselor and an entrepreneur.  John is the in-house counsel of Reginald M. Sapp & Co. and Lincoln Park Investments.  He is an alumnus of Southern Methodist University and also received he law degree from West Virginia University College of Law.  Law Clerk for Capitol Hill Senator Robert Byrd.


Micheal B. Holmes

Mr. Holmes has spent his whole career working in the Capital Markets arena.  Mr. Holmes has held progressively responsible positions In many Wall Street Institutions, with clients ranging from Mario Gabelli, Robert Campeau and Sumner Redstone.  He has been Chief Financial Officer for Earl Graves Publishing (publisher of Black Enterprises).  Mr. Holmes is a graduate of Morehouse University and Standford University (MBA).  He is Chairman of The Alford "Tup" Holmes Legacy Foundation.


Howard Glover

Howard Glover has 45 years in the Beer, Wine & Spirits Industry.  During his career, Mr. Glover has been instrumental in establishing many brands.  Ivanabitch Vodka being one of them.  Mr. Glover has performed duties with  both the Distributors and Suppliers. 


Bridget Williams

Bridget Williams has spent the last 34 years working in the Public Sector in the field of IT and Broadband Telecommunications.  Working as the Southeast Regional Director of GSA Network Services Division.  She managed over 3 Billion Dollars in federal telecommunication services.  Bridget finished her career as Director of Program Operations, managing the day to day operations of GSA's Office of Telecommunication Services, where she directed the strategy of Customers Orders and Inventory, Internal Systems and Software, System Security for all systems in the OTS program, the Financial Business Office and the 24 Helpdesk.  Bridget has experience in Government Contract development and execution.  She graduated Cum Lauder from Shorter University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.  Bridget is a Senior Executive Fellow at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and has completed the Office of Personnel Management Executive studies program in Charlottesville, VA.  Bridget has been a Certified Project Management Professional since 2005 and a registered Shared Neutral with Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution since 2012.


Priscilla Weaver

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Frank L. Redding Jr.

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Dereck B. Herrmann

Dereck Herrmann has an extensive background in construction.  As a youth, he gained experience by working with his family in their grading and underground utilities company.   He attended East Georgia College where he pursed a degree in Construction Management and Business.  He started in Herrmann Counstruction shortly thereafter.  Dereck is credited with building scores of homes in SE Ga.  He has built a name for himself by always paying close attention to detail and valuing the wishes of his customers.  Dereck is a licensed General Contractor.


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